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31 Jan, 2017
by Ashley Smith

Building a custom scooter or changing a few parts on your current scooter can be difficult without all the knowledge of what parts go together. The main choice that you have to make isn’t the big parts like the deck, forks or bars but what will hold it all together, the compression. The compression will […]

31 Oct, 2016
by Jason Khan

The future of Bauer Hockey, the worlds most well established brand  looks in doubt right now with its owner – Performance sports group Ltd (PSG). PSG Filed Chapter 11 in the USA & Canada, the UK’s equivalent of bankruptcy. The company had little choice as the “wolves” were at the door, PSG failed to return […]

14 Dec, 2015
by Natalie Brown - 399 comments

Sometimes, when we play sport we focus so much on winning we forget where the real enjoyment is.

09 Dec, 2015
by Jason Khan - one comment

Every sportsman ‘now’ knows that proper hydration is paramount to avoiding impaired physical performance. But what is proper hydration and how do I ensure I don’t dehydrate?

20 Nov, 2015
by Natalie Brown

What normally goes through your mind when you see a skater on the ice? Are you in awe of their moves, their speed or just ‘how do they keep themselves upright?’ Modern day ice-skating is a fairly competitive sport, a form of transportation and leisure activity that can be done on indoor and outdoor rinks […]

16 Oct, 2015
by Natalie Brown - one comment

How to measure your feet for skates and other good tips for first time buyers! Buying figure skates for the first time can be a very daunting process. Sizing and measuring for the figure skate boots, ankle support, toe picks and skill level. It sounds like a lot for a pair of skates, but after […]

09 Oct, 2015
by Natalie Brown

We know that Demon Xtreme is known quite far across the globe but we aren’t able to reach many places on our social media so we went and joined the growing world of Pinterest!

07 Oct, 2015
by Natalie Brown

The British Roller Derby Champions, Killa Hurtz, will be hosting the last game day for the South East, Tier 4 teams. The day sees Norfolk take on Eastbourne and the Killa’s play against Suffolk. With Norfolk already having secured their place in the play-offs it’s gonna be a South East showdown between Killa Hurtz and […]

30 Sep, 2015
by Natalie Brown

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s there was an event that use to take place in the UK called the British Inline Open Championships. The event itself was held all over the UK, at one point the British Champs was even held in the NEC arena at one point. In the last few years […]

14 Sep, 2015
by Jason Khan

We have with the co-operation of BM estates a warehouse collection point for clothes/toys and food tins for women and children for Colchester and surrounding areas. Please come down during The Demon Xtreme opening times This collection will be sent to the refugee camps in Europe to aid the Syrian refugees.