About DemonXtreme

Demon Xtreme Sports is a family run, UK skates & extreme sports online and physical store. We stock Europe’s largest range of hockey equipment, a huge range of skates, protection wear, scooters, footwear and skateboards with thousands of products available online and friendly, experienced staff on hand to help you get the best products tailored to your requirements.

Demon Xtreme was founded at the start of the millennium by the Managing Director, Jason Khan. Jason is a skater, hockey player, coach, organiser and all-round extreme sports enthusiast.

Starting as Demon Skater in 2000, the company began as a largely roller & ice hockey business when Jason was a roller hockey coach and player at an international level.

In 2005 the company expanded its product range to include skateboarding, aggressive, figure and speed skating, free skating and power blading and changed its name to Demon Xtreme Sports. 2010 heralded the start of the scooter craze and saw the product range expand again and the name change to simply Demon Xtreme.

In 2013 Demon Xtreme opened a store at Alexandra Palace, London, right next to the famous ice rink, and although there is no longer a shop there, Jason and the team still regularly coach a large number of ice hockey teams at the rink, helping to keep them up to speed with the latest equipment and trends.

Jason’s wife, Anne, and their sons also work in the company and even their huskie dog, ‘Dobbie’ can be seen at the store based in Colchester, Essex from time to time.

The store and website have a massive following leading to a huge surge in professional staff from Skaters, Hockey players, Team riders and customer service team to help maintain the highest level of service DX customers have grown used to.

The experience and continued practice and skills that the Demon Xtreme team have, help to provide the best advice and product supplies to our customers.

“Thanks for taking the time to read a little about us and thank you for visiting our site and hopefully joining us as one of our valued customers and help us continue this journey to improve participation in active sports” Jason, DX Managing Director

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