30th Sep 2015

Great British Inline Championships – Warning: Nostalgic memories!

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, there was an event that use to take place in the UK called the British Inline Open Championships.

The event itself was held all over the UK, at one point the British Champs was even held in the NEC arena at one point.
In the last few years of the event, it was held at Y2SK8. The event was a must for all inliners, it meant so much to so many people and it was where many great names were discovered.
Unfortunately, Y2SK8 was forced to close its doors and with that, the British Champs no longer had a home and it faded away.
The UK scene has been screaming for an event like the British Champs for some time now, to bring back that era of skating that we all love and miss.
With the rebirth of an event like this, it could have the potential to really change things here in the UK.

That’s why Demon Xtreme are excited to tell you… That the rebirth is happening!

Sponsored by us and other retailers, the British Inline Championship is back and it has a new home, at Europe’s leading and the UK’S largest multi-building indoor skatepark ADRENALINE ALLEY. This event invites inliners from all over the world to come attend and compete!

Year 1 will be Phase 1 of the return of this event.
2016 – They’re bringing it back
2017 – They’ll take it to a whole NEW LEVEL…

This event will feature some of the best Am and Pro riders from all around the globe that will compete in various contests with amazing prizes and even money up for grabs!

The original event was responsible for making so much history here in the UK scene…

It’s about time we make some more…