30th Jan 2013

Saturday’s Monster Session | An Evening With Dub-Sk8s

The long awaited ‘An Evening with Dub-Sk8s’ was here. It did not disappoint!

From 10 am people were swarming in, waiting for the Dub-Sk8s team to arrive.

The session was kicking off, everyone was hyped and having a great time. It was only going to get better from here!

At 2 pm a massive minibus turned up blasting Dubstep through the speakers. This could only mean one thing, they have arrived.

It was hard to move! People were everywhere riding and having a great time. Most of the Dub-Sk8s and Professional riders were warming up. MADD UK rider Archie Cole has a rather interesting way of warming himself up!

Dub Sk8s Archie Cole at Park DX

Flip drop in to warm up? Ok then.

Everyone was killing it! Grit Pro rider Billy Atkins was flowing about the skatepark doing what he does best. No doubt one of the best styles in the UK.

Dub-Sk8s’ main man Leo Carroll was loving the mini ramp! He was throwing down some huge air tricks and some of the nicest flairs I’ve seen!

MX riders Louie Fulton and Toren Jarritt were shutting down! Those guys know how to work a rail. Not to mention the beautiful invert airs that they are known for.

It was time to get others involved, so we had a 15-minute jam session for the people wanting to compete! People were determined to get prizes. The rules were simple you do something cool we throw you a prize. Everyone went nuts!

From kids landing their first tailwhip to some fast plant briflip airs. We were throwing out prizes left right and centre!

Bradley Hammond managed to stomp a backflip over the spine which was sick. David Austin almost got a footless rewind over the famous spine-box transfer. You cant forget Aaron Brogden lacing that buttercup, clean as you like!

The jam was over. A box full of prizes swiftly turned into dust.

Things just kept getting better and better!

DX Team Rider Lucas Parks

DX team rider Lucas Parks is without a doubt a big name for the future! He produced some of the cleanest and nicest riding throughout the day. Style comes naturally to this kid as do the sweet tricks he pulls!

The session just kept progressing. people nailing trick after trick! John Carter, Lyle Crear and Rory Butcher were tearing up the street section, there was some real creativity going on!

So now it was time for all the professional riders there to get together and do a demo for everyone.

Before the demo even started my mind was blown! Why? Archie Cole that’s why!

Just before the demo kicked off Archie managed to pull a flair heel whip – kick less double rewind.

Just wow.

Everyone gathered round to watch the pros nail some tricks. It seemed they left the best till last.

We got to see more rail action from Louie. Damn, that guy has some steeze!

Leo pulled off a massive flair no hander.

Toren unleashed some killer grind combos on the halfpipe.

Archie showed us why he is where he is today by fast plant front-flipping and backflip Park Dx’s 2ft driveway!

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

Trying to put this insane day into words has been a real challenge! But why read when you can watch?

I would personally like to thank everyone that turned up to the event!

A massive thank you to Dub-Sk8s for coming along and helping to make it such a great day.

Also to Demon Xtreme and Park DX for the venue and prizes!

Bring on the next session!