Compression Kits – What Parts Will Fit My Stunt Scooter

Compression Kits – What Parts Will Fit My Stunt Scooter
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Custom scooter building or changing a few parts of your current scooter can be difficult without all the knowledge of what parts go together. The main choice that you have to make isn’t the big parts, like the deck, forks or bars but what will hold it all together, the scooter compression kit.

Compression kits will decide what parts fit together so it’s a great start to narrow down what parts to look at and to see if the parts you want will go together once you start building.

Not all the parts are affected by the compression so here’s a list of all the parts you will need for a complete scooter and when you should consider picking what you want:

  1. Compression
  2. Forks – Depends on the compression
  3. Bars – Depends on the compression
  4. Deck – Depends on the compression
  5. Wheels – Size Depends on the Forks and Deck
  6. Bearings – If they don’t come with the wheels
  7. Headset – Depends on the Deck
  8. Clamp – Depends on the Bars (part of some compression kits)
  9. Brake – Depends on the Deck and wheel size
  10. Grips – All Grips fits any scooter
  11. Griptape – Fits all Decks but may need cutting down

As you can see Everything starts with the compression, so we’ve put together a complete guide to the pros and cons of all scooter compression kits and what parts will go together with them.

The Most Common Scooter Compressions

You’ll find that nearly all mid to high-end scooters come with one of these 4 scooter compression kits. These are SCS, HIC, IHC and Mini HIC.

SCS Compression

Stunt Scooter SCS Compression

SCS (Standard Compression System) is an easy to fit compression system that consists of an SCS clamp, top cap and bolt. The clamp fits on top of the forks and threads into the forks, the bars are then fitted into the top of the clamp and the whole clamp is tightened to hold it all together.


  • Easy to fit, adjust and tighten
  • No slit required in the bars making them stronger
  • Bars can be removed without affecting the compression making it easy to travel with
  • Raises the height of the scooter without buying taller bars
  • Oversized SCS can fit aluminium bars


  • Taller forks will need headset spacers to fit the clamp
  • Bars with a slit will either have to be cut down or use a bar bung
  • The clamp can be thicker and heavier (does not apply to all SCS clamps)


  • Bars: Standard or Oversized without a slit* (Depends on clamp)
  • Forks: Standard SCS compatible
  • Headset: Integrated
  • May need Headset spacers

*A Bar Plug can be used on silted bars without having to cut them down

HIC Compression

Stunt Scooter HIC Compression

HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) is a simple, cheaper compression that fits on threadless setups. The compression consists of a shim that fits onto standard threadless forks (SCS compatible or Star nut fitted forks) then the top cap and bolt compresses the shim onto the headset.


  • Great for mid to high-end scooters without spending too much
  • Easy to fit
  • Bars can be removed without affecting the compression making it easy to travel with


  • Only fits oversized bars
  • Taller forks may not fit most HIC kits although MGP Shims are longer and can be used
  • Some HIC forks come with custom threading systems that may be harder to replace
  • Can’t fit aluminium bars


  • Bars: Oversized with a slit
  • Forks: Standard HIC or SCS compatible
  • Kit: HIC (comes with come HIC forks)
  • Headset: integrated
  • Clamp: Oversized

IHC Compression


IHC (Internal Hidden Compression) is a similar type of compression to HIC but integrates itself into the fork. The forks for IHC compression are undersized but the compression includes a modified headset compression ring that fits on the headset bearing. The shim is fitted onto the fork, the headsets dust cover goes over the shim and the bolt compresses the shim onto the headset.


  • Lightweight due to the undersized forks and standard bars
  • Bars can be removed without affecting the compression making it easy to travel with
  • Fits Aluminium Bars


  • Most IHC kits are not compatible with each other which can make replacing parts of the compression kit difficult
  • Only fits standard bars and the compatible forks have to be used


  • Bars: Standard with a slit
  • Forks: IHC (comes with IHC kit)
  • Kit: IHC (shim, top cap, bolt and compression ring)
  • Headset: Integrated
  • Clamp: Standard (or oversized for aluminium bars)

Mini HIC Compression

Stunt Scooter Mini HIC Compression

Mini HIC is very similar to HIC but uses undersized forks and standard bars instead. The mini HIC also requires a mini Headset instead of a standard one to fit the undersized forks.


  • Lighter due to using standard bars but undersized forks may be heavier to increase strength
  • Easy to Fit
  • Bars can be removed without affecting the compression making it easy to travel with
  • Fits Aluminium Bars


  • Requires undersized forks, standard bars and a specific style of headset


  • Bars: Standard with a slit
  • Forks: Undersized (Often come with mini HIC kit)
  • Kit: Mini HIC (Shim, top cap, and bolt)
  • headset: Mini Integrated
  • Clamp: Standard (or oversized for aluminium bars)

Budget Scooter Compressions

With the lower end, old and off-brand scooters you may find these 2 types of compression on them. These are Threaded and ICS compression.

Threaded Compression

Stunt Scooter Threaded Compression

Threaded is a budget option that’s found on most low-end scooters. The compression is very basic and only required a lock nut that’s included with threaded headsets to be tightened onto threaded forks.


  • Forks and headset are cheaper making a good choice when you’re on a budget
  • Bars can be removed without affecting the compression making it easier to travel with
  • Can work with Aluminium Bars


  • Comes loose often due to the headset and threading
  • Harder to dial making it rattle
  • Requires large headset spanners to tighten
  • The headset isn’t as smooth when turning handlebars


  • Bars: Standard with a slit
  • Forks: Threaded
  • Headset: Threaded
  • Deck: Non-integrated
  • Clamp: Standard (or oversized for aluminium bars)

ICS Compression

Stunt Scooter ICS Compression

ICS (Inverted Compressions System) is an old BMX style of compression that uses a long bolt that goes through the bottom of the fork into a star nut fitted into standard sized bars.

Not to be confused with Ethics ICS10 compression that is explained below


  • A budget compression that usually costs under £10 for the bolt and star nut
  • Due to only needing the bolt and star nut this compression is lightweight
  • Can be fitted with aluminium bars


  • Fitting a star nut may be difficult to line up and cheaper brands do have a possibility of breaking
  • The front wheel has to be removed for fitting and adjusting
  • Compression has to be removed to take off the bars


  • Bars: Standard sized with a slit
  • Forks: ICS compatible
  • Kit: Long ICS bolt & star nut (kit often comes with a star nut)
  • Clamp: Standard (or oversized with aluminium bars)
  • Extra Fitting: Star nut needs to be fitted into the bars

Brand Specific Compression Kits

These types of compression kits are made by specific brands to use on only their parts or a compression kits or were only made by 1 or 2 brands. These consist of Ethics ICS10, Chilli’s Spider HIC, Phoenix’s iHIC and the Pytel compression kit.

ICS10 Compression

Stunt Scooters ICS10 Compression

ICS10 (Internal Compression System 10mm) is a compression kit mainly used with Ethic scooters that work similar to ICS kits. The kit is comprised of a wider and shorter 10mm bolt that fits through the underside of the fork into a star nut fitted into standard sized bars.


  • A strong bolt and star nut are used compared to standard ICS
  • Very light due to the shorter hollowed out bolt
  • Can fit in aluminium bars


  • Required ICS10 specific forks, kit and allen key which are mostly limited to the Ethic brand
  • Cutting down bars required moving the star nut
  • Removing bars requires removing the front wheel to get to the bolt


  • Bars: Standard with a slit
  • Kit: ICS10 (10mm bolt, star nut shim)
  • Forks: ICS10 Compatible (Mainly Ethic)
  • Clamp: Standard (or oversized with aluminium bars)
  • Extra Fitting: 10mm thread star nut fitted into bars
  • Tools: A very long allen key to fit through the forks

Spider HIC Compression


Spider HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) is a lightweight unique twist on the standard HIC kit made by Chilli Pro Scooters to work with standard bars.


  • Lightweight compared to standard HIC
  • Fits Standard Bars
  • Can be used with aluminium bars


  • Only works with Chilli Spider HIC Forks
  • Requires spider HIC headset top cap (included in kit)


  • Bars: Standard with a slit
  • Forks: Spider HIC Only
  • Kit: Spider HIC
  • Headset: integrated (with kits top cap and compression ring)
  • Clamp: Standard (or oversized with aluminium bars)

iHIC Compression

Stunt Scooter iHIC Compression

iHIC (Integrated Hidden Internal Compression) is a type of compression designed by Phoenix that works with the Phoenix Thread Lock Compression Fork. The compression is similar to HIC but threads onto the forks directly instead of using a bolt, the bars and clamp are specifically sized for the compression and forks making them a requirement to use this style of compression.


  • Very reliable HIC style compression


  • Only 1 option for the clamp, bars and forks
  • Heavier than most other compressions due to wider bars, clamp and forks


  • Phoenix TLC Forks
  • Phoenix iHIC Suicide bars (comes with iHIC clamp and kit)

Pytel Compression

Stunt Scooters Pytel Compression

The Pytel compression is a unique design by Micheal Pytel that uses a dual clamp system. The clamp is fitted by tightening the top half of the clamp and then the bottom half is tightened which compresses onto the headset due to the wedge between the 2 clamps, the clamp is held together with a plastic sleeve around the bolts.


  • Original design made specifically for scooters instead of a modified BMX design
  • Lightweight due to only needing the clamp and not any other parts


  • Usually stays tight for days but can come loose very quickly at times
  • Tricky to fit at times to get it just right with both clamps
  • The plastic sleeve can break which makes it harder to fit


  • Bars: Standard with a slit
  • Clamp: Pytel Compression
  • Forks: Standard threadless

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