Bunker Boys Hockey Session Information

So you can skate “a bit” and always fancied trying ice hockey
or used to play when your trousers were a little shorter &
would like to get back into it?
Our sessions may be just what you have been looking for.


Typically we have all ages, but our average age is
around 35, 20 being the youngest and 55 the oldest. Provided you
are over 18 and fit and healthy then you are welcome. Male or
female equally welcome. We have lots of husbands/wives,


For beginners – Skating – provided you can skate
around the rink without assistance or needing to grab the
sides then you meet the minimum. Reasonable stability is all
that is needed. If you ski or roller skate then you have a head


No experience is needed. If you have some racket
sports, team sports or hockey experience that is a great
For Intermediate – you will be a confidant or better skater and
have played hockey before.

Safety – Both beginner & intermediate are non-checking
sessions, this does not mean non-contact, Hockey is a contact
checking sport. The difference is no “intentionally” body
contact is allowed ie checking. When fighting for the puck you
may find you collide or do contact your opponent or your teammate

No player may play without signing our medical/ form,
this is also our contact form, which we text to advise of our
sessions, you can be removed from the contact list at a time.
You warrant that you are fit and healthy to play and if in any
doubt please contact your doctor.
We recommend private accident insurance, although major
injury is very rare.

When, Where & Costs?

Alexandra Palace Ice rink, Alexandra Palace, N22, 7AY.
(FREE parking outside the rink)
Fridays evenings
S1 Beginner 20:30-22:00 – £20 (kit hire available)
S2 Intermediate 22:15-23:45 £20 (kit hire unavailable)

Romford Ice Rink, Western Rd, Romford RM1 3JT
(FREE parking on Slaney Road)
S3 Mixed Beginner & Intermediate 22:30-23:45 £15 (kit hire available)

CASH ONLY please before the session (plus kit hire if required
– see Protective & Equipment)
However, we do get other sessions which we also advise those
on the contact list by text.
Commitment – the beauty of our sessions is that there is no
commitment required, all we require you do is text back “Y”
or “N” if you can/can’t attend, this enables us to session plan
and also you to reserve a place. Be quick though, spaces go
very fast!

To Cancel/charges

If you text reply “Y” to the session
invite you will have a place UNLESS we reply to advise – you will
then be on reserves. You may cancel your booked place by text at
least 1 day before, otherwise you will have to pay the full
session training fee before the next session.

Your instructors

Coaching – Our sessions are led by head coach Jason Khan,
Level 2 EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) coach, coached
Roller Hockey for over 25 years and ex GB RH coach and
player, degree in sport psychology and nutrition and sports fitness.
Anne Khan, Level 1 EIHA, ex GB womens Roller Hockey
Player. Plus guest coaches from time to time.


It’s not high intensity, you will be pushed though,
otherwise you won’t improve our emphasis is on having fun
and enjoying & improving. We always have a “scrimmage” or
game at the end with even teams & Ice time (whistle subbing)


In the beginner you will be taught how to play
hockey, skate like a hockey player (although it’s not pure skate
instruction). How to shoot, pass correctly and the technical
skills of hockey. The instruction is predominately designed to
improve your “skills” bank so you can play hockey, tactical
training is only focused in our intermediate session.

Our intermediates will benefit from higher level varied tactical
and technical training that will stretch you physicaly but also
mentally, start to think more about your game.

Protective & equipment

We do offer a kit hire
service in our beginners session £15 for full kit or £3 per item
(excludes abdominal box/pelvic protector or skates) & also sell
equipment online demonxtreme.com, this can be brought to
training or delivered to your home. We do not hire skates
(please ask though, we maybe able to help)
Essential – Helmet (with face protection), Elbow Pads, Padded
Gloves, Knee and shin pads, Stick, Hockey Skates .
Recommended – Shoulder & Chest protection, Padded shorts,
Abdominal protection (box/pelvic protector).
Note – All of the above equipment is required by the EIHA to
play organised ice hockey but our sessions only the essential
equipment is mandatory.
BRING – lightweight long sleeve shirt and training leggings to
go under kit, plus shower gear & a towel. Plus always bring a
drink of water minimum 500ml, ideally 1litre. Intermediates
are expected to bring a White AND a dark shirt

What now?

Email bunkerboys@demonxtreme.com for any questions
or call 0844 656 6666

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