Price Match

So you found the item you like but someone else is advertising it at a lower price. Firstly thank you for considering us. We offer a price match service to match the price of our competitors, just let us know where you found them cheaper and we'll look into changing the price for you.

Possible Reasons Why We Won't Price Match

  • The exact option you would like is not available or out of stock with other store.
  • Other supplier is outside UK.
  • Payment method selected is unavailable with other supplier.
  • Other stores price is incorrect due to error.
  • Other stores price is a clearance or selling at a loss.
  • Other store is not reputable* – for legal reasons we cannot list
  • Other store is in financial trouble
  • The other store does not have a brick and mortar (physical) store
  • We do not price match with marketplaces (e.g. ebay)
  • The item you ordered has a fixed price set by our supplier and we can not discount it

Things to consider if buying from outside the UK

If you have found an item cheaper outside the UK there are a few reasons why we would not be able to price match them. here are a few things to consider if you are considering buying a product from abroad.

  • The exchange rate charged.
  • Delivery charges will be higher.
  • Duty and Customs charges are high importing into the UK.
  • UK VAT of 20% may be added to customs charges.
  • Warranty, repairs and exchanges may not be covered or may require expensive shipping back to the store.

Because of all these points buying from outside the UK may end up a lot more expensive that buying from a UK store even though the prices are lower on thier website.