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Skate Maintenance - Full Skate Conversion Service

Skate Maintenance - Full Skate Conversion Service

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Product Description

Do you see a skate, but wish it was an inline or quad skate? Do you have a pair of skates that fit you perfectly, But would love to convert them to inlines, Ice, Or quads? here at DemonXtreme, we can convert your skates for you!

Important Information:

Please read all information below before ordering

What's included in a Full Skate Conversion?

  1. Removal of current plates, blades, or chassis from skates
  2. Fitting of new plates, blades, or chassis.
If the new plates, blades, or chassis you are fitting are currently on another pair of boots you will also need to remove them prior also pay for an extra Removal Service.

Due to the quality of rivets in some ice hockey skates, we can not guarantee the holders will be usable after removal.

What if I don't need the current plates, blades, or chassis removed?

If you are just fitting them onto a boot you can purchase just a fitting here:
  • Fitting Roller Skate Plates
  • Fitting Hockey Inline Chassis
  • Fitting Figure Inline Plates
  • Fitting Figure Ice Blades

What skates can be converted?

  1. Ice Hockey Skates into Roller Skates
  2. Ice Hockey Skates into Hockey Inlines
  3. Inline Hockey Skates into Roller Skates
  4. Figure skates into Roller Skates
  5. Figure skates into Figure Inlines Skates

Please note: Not all boots can be converted. some brands of Skate use rivets that can't be removed without breaking the boot, we may refuse to work on them or charge extra for the amount of work needed.

Known boots that can't be converted:

  • Tour Inline Skates
  • Bauer Supreme Skates
  • Any Riveted Figure Skate

Why is it more expensive for hockey & used boots?

We charge extra for the following reasons:

Hockey boots are charged extra as they use rivets instead of screws, and also they are raised at the heel. because of this, the process of converting the boots is a lot longer and therefore costs extra.

Used boots are charged extra as quite often the process for removal takes a lot longer than usual or can't be done without drilling the bolts out of the boots.

For ALL boots, we require the boots to be inspected before any work will be done. Then we will let you know if the boots can be converted or if any extra charges need to be made.

How to order a skate conversion

  1. Please first email us at with images of the skates and any parts for inspection if you are sending them to us.
  2. Once the skates are confirmed to be suitable for conversion place the order here.
  3. Pickup or delivery can be chosen at checkout for your conversion once they are ready.
  4. Send or drop off your skates and/or parts if needed to the address listed below.
  5. Once we receive the boots conversion can take 2 - 7 days.
  6. If there are any issues or extra charges needed we will contact you.
  7. We will then dispatch your skates or contact you for collection depending on the delivery service chosen.
Delivery Address:

Please ensure you include your order number on the delivery.

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