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Demon Xtreme - About us - Mission statement

Demon Xtreme was founded at the start of the millennium by our Managing Director Jason Khan, Jason was/is a skater, hockey player, coach, organiser and all round Extreme sports enthusiast. His wife and their sons also work in the company and even "Dobbie" the huskie can be seen at the stores or warehouse - a true Family run Great British skate and extreme sports company...

Starting as Demon Skater in 2000, a largely roller & Ice Hockey run business when Jason was heavily involved as a roller Hockey coach and player with great national and international success.

Demon Xtreme Roller Hockey Team

2005 the company expanded its product range and change the name to Demon Xtreme sports, covering all the real extreme sports you see on the website. The ethos you must know and have participated in the sports to help customers the best.

Demon Xtreme Original Website Banner Design

2006 saw a huge upheaval with a devastating fire in their Colchester warehouse and industrial units that were featured nationwide. The company recovered to new bigger warehouses and store nearby.

Demon Xtreme Cowdray Centre Fire

2007 a catastrophic non fault car accident for the whole family, most notably Jason in a wheel chair for a year with massive bone breaks and body trauma and Adam being critical for many months. The recovery was slow and many years of rehabilitation and Jason is back at the store AND skating and coaching once again despite being told he would never walk again!

2009 Demon xtreme built their own indoor skate park, Park DX. Demon Xtreme changed its company logo.

Park DX Skate Park

2010 heralded the start of the scooter craze and the same time built a synthetic ice training rink and Indoor skating bowl to the inside of the store in Chelmsford.

Demon Xtreme Chelmsford In Store Skate Bowl

2013 Demon Xtreme were invited to tender by Alexandra Palace ice rink, London to have one of our stores there and won by quite some margin based on a massive amount of recommendations and what they could offer the rink. The DX bunker store sits literally 30ft from the edge of the rink.

The stores and website have a massive following leading to a huge surge in professional staff from Skaters, Hockey players, Team riders and customer service team to help maintain the highest level of service DX customers have grown used to.

Dobbie the Demon Dog in the Demon Xtreme Car

"Thanks for taking the time to read a little about us and thank you for visiting our site and hopefully joining us as one of our valued customers and help us continue this journey to improve participation in active sports" Jason - DX managing Director