At DemonXtreme & Rollerworld there is plenty of parking available and, best of all, it’s completely free for customers!

We do have parking cameras in place so please follow the instructions below to ensure you get free parking.

How to get free parking

All our carparking spaces around Rollerworld & the DemonXtreme skate shop are fitted with licence plate recognition cameras as you enter the carpark.

We have parking meters for non Rollerworld customers but if you are coming down to Rollerworld or DemonXtreme you do not need to use these as you do not have to pay.

For free parking we have tablets located at skate hire and in the shop to enter your licence plate and get free parking for the duration you are at Rollerworld.

If you are picking up or dropping off people at Rollerworld without entering the carpark you would not need to enter your licence plate number or pay but we do advise to get a member of your party to enter your licence plate number when they enter the venue.

Who Manages Our Carpark?

Our carparks are managed by SmartParking and any contact about parking fines and your stay at Rollerworld carpark will be from them.

Received a parking fine?

If you have received a parking fine from SmartParking on a day you attended Rollerworld please contact us using the contact form below with the following:

  • Your cars registration number.
  • The SmartParking fine TC number & copy of the letter received from smart parking.
  • Proof of attendance to Rollerworld or DemonXtreme in the form of your online booking ticket, door ticket, shop receipt or bank statement. (if you did not purchase anything from the shop please describe your visit to the shop, who you spoke with or what you were looking for)
  • You contact details.
  • We will contact you once we have any updates about you fine, this can take up to 7 days. If you do not receive an update after 7 days then please contact us.

Please note: Once the fine has been paid we will not be able to get the fine refunded by SmartParking.