Price Match

So you found the item you like but someone else is advertising it at a lower price. Firstly thank you for considering us. We do offer peace of mind with multiple stores / contactable staff / We don’t charge until we know you item is ready or available for dispatch (excluding Paypal orders due to Paypal taking payment automatically) / highly secure website and procedures / efficient notifications and exemplary customer service before and after your purchase.

How to get a price match

  • Make Your Order
  • While checking out copy and paste another UK website url (everything in the address bar on the product page of other website) into the price match box
  • When we process your order we will check the price and provided the item is in stock with our competitor or can be obtained readily in the size, colour & specification you require we will match the delivered price to you. Please note we will not price match sites that do not accept the payment type you have opted to use eg Paypal, visa electron etc. Your order will be adjusted and discounted accordingly.

Please note you will receive an order confirmation of our published price as this is an automated response, the discount will be applied once authorised and then your card will be debited.

Possible reasons why we won’t price match

  • Item is unavailable/Out of stock at other supplier
  • Item Size/Colour etc. is not available at other supplier
  • Other supplier is outside UK
  • Payment method selected is unavailable with other supplier
  • Other supplier price is incorrect/old or lost leader clearance
  • Certain suppliers are not reputable* – for legal reasons we cannot list
  • *some companies we know to either be in financial trouble or take money to pay old bills
  • The item you ordered has a fixed price set by our suplier and we can not discount it

What if you cannot price match?

In the unlikely event we cannot for reasons of verification failure or the such like we will email or call you stating this and requesting whether you wish to still proceed. Payments will be refunded after your confirmation.

Why don’t you price match sites based outside uk?

Buying a product that seems the same on another site outside the UK in actuality is not the same, because of this it very difficult to work out what the final delivered price to you would be but its guaranteed to be much higher than you think. Here are some examples of differences that you may have not thought about.

  • Exchange rate – many sites prices are not in sterling and exchange rates given by your method of payment (e.g. credit card – amount on your next statement) can be around 5% lower than “the market rate” e.g. market US$-GB£ could be 1.90:1 (market rate 2:1) source 2nd quarter 08
  • Delivery – Charges this will always be higher and many foreign sites are not insured/guaranteed, this can be a real problem in non-delivery. Delivery times can be weeks or even months
  • Customs and duties – This one of the biggest, all non UK based websites state that YOU are responsible for domestic taxes or duties. The UK currently charge (2008) 17.5% vat, Import duty 2-12% (depending on item) and courier administration fee minimum £15 (variable again). YOU are liable for this and it is a charge that will land on your doorstep sometime even 9 months after your purchase (such is the speed of the HM customs and revenues)

After all this you still think it is worth buying outside UK remember this

  • You do not get the protection and rights under UK law, this means that if anything goes wrong you have to argue or consult a solicitor who specialises in the country you bought from as the sale is made under their law. That is very expensive
  • The manufacturer WILL NOT Guarantee a faulty product as nearly all have strict jurisdiction clauses to which your “cheaper” retailer has just broken.
  • Most good quality shops like ours are actively involved in supporting the sports of the products we sell and put something back into your sport, so support us or UK stores otherwise, less competitions and events. Shops outside the UK DON’T support you like we do.
  • Help us with your buying power get lower prices, countries like the USA don’t consider Great Britain to be great at all so most often won’t give us the low prices given to the USA retailers, the American market has caused world markets such as the UK to suffer, read the news and you can see. This is because not only due to their greed (USA retailers make more profit than we do in UK) but due to shoppers worldwide buying from them and not their own country. Be British – support Britain and our economy