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- Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV

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Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV

Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV

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Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV detail 2 Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV detail 3
Quick FIND Code : s-s

Professional Ice Skate Sharpening - ROH & FBV

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 "Not Polished thanks"
 "Polished please" (+£1.50)
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 No depth selected
 1/2" - (Recommended for Hockey Skates)
 1/4" - (Very Sharp)
 5/8" - (Recommended for Figure Skates)
 1" - (Very Shallow)
 FBV - 100/50 - (Recommended for Hockey skates like 1/2") (+£5.00)
 FBV - 100/75 (Very Sharp like 1/4") (+£5.00)
 FBV - 90/75 - (recommended for figure Skates like 5/8") (+£5.00)
 FBV - 90/50 - (Very Shallow like 1") (+£5.00)


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Product Description

Professional Ice Skate sharpening - ROH & FBV

Here at DX we pride ourselves in having some of the best skate sharpening technicians in the world, trained in house through our vigorous training concept. We understand the needs of both Hockey players and figure and NOW you can buy your skate sharpening online, send the skates to us have them done professionally sure in the knowledge you will be good to go.

It takes a minimum of three months training before we allow our staff to sharpen a "recreational" skate and longer for Hockey and competition Figure. Sharpening skates require a precision machine and techicians to know the concepts and how to use them. This is often why it is diffcult to find a good place to get skates sharpened - you CANNOT just buy a machine and sharpen skates well. It takes years to be good. Some places have automatic machines, (these are always probematic and need more technical knowledge) We have decades of experience sharpening skates from just starting to professional Ice hockey skaters and champion figure skaters.  We have been contracted by many of the famous ice rinks in the UK to "fix" poor edges on their skates. In our store/s we have 4 machines, 2 FBV / 2 Standard ROH.

Why is ice skate sharpening so important? the point of contact with the ice is two tiny edges per skate and if these are dull or the depth/radius of the hollow (ROH) is incorrect for your weight, ice and style of skating then it matters not how good your skates are or a skater you are, you have a massive disadvantage in speed AND grip. Having your skates freshly sharpened feels like new skates when you are on the ice!

Q How long should I wait before I have my skates sharpened? This is the age old question "how long is a piece of string" the answer is when you find that your edges are slipping, it depends on the quality of the ice, your weight, how long you are on the ice, lots of factors. If we are to put a guide - every 8-12 hours ice time BUT if you are High level hockey or figure this would be far more often. Not wearing Skate guards off ice (or if you are crazy enough to go on hard surfaces with no guards off the ice then you could instantly dull your edges - beware)

Q What depth should I have? On the website it is difficult to give you a good figure here but generally the sharper is more grip less speed, Shallower less grip more speed. You will need to find a balance. Figure skaters and top Ice hockey players usually go with less grip and more speed (shallower). Figure - Hitting a triple needs more attack speed! We consider 1/2" ROH as the best standard edge for most Hockey skaters and 5/8" for Figure skaters.

Q What types of sharpening do you do? Standard sharpening is ROH - Radius of hollow and has been done this way for decades and over 95% of skaters will have this. FBV - Flat Bottom V is a new profesisonal technology that gives greater speed for the same grip, it requires a specialist machine and technicians to do. This "cut" is shaped like as it says a flat bottom V and reduces drag for same grip estimated 8-12% faster than a standard ROH at the same equivalent depth/Agility. We are the 1st commercial company that offered this in the UK.

Q What depths do you offer? We offer depths of 1/8 increments as only a very vey small % would notice 1/6th of an inch difference (NHL hockey/Professional figure skaters)

Q When will I get my skates back? We will sharpen your skates as requested and send out the same day on a next day service (excludes weekends), if received before noon. This is to mainland UK, most other locations will be 48hours. If you are unsure please check with us by phone or our online chat. This is based on our £10 fast courier option, any other shipping options may be slower, including our Free shipping options.

Sharper (More grip/agility less speed) 1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" - 1" - Shallower (More speed Less grip/agility)

Polish option - this give a pristine finish on the bottom, allows a smoother glide

Getting started - Make the order, dont forget to select the depth needed,

  1. Put your skates in a box, Do NOT include your skate guards as we cannot guarantee these will be returned.
  2. Write your order number on the outside of the box clearly (this will be emailed to you once purchase complete, also write your order number on paper for the inside.
  3. Send to Demon Xtreme - Skate Sharpening Techs, D7 Cowdray Centre, Cowdray Centre, Cowdray Avenue, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1BW - Make sure you Guarantee and adequately insure your package, it is your responsibility to get the skates to us safely.**
  4. Use a service that is reliable and fast as we are sure you would like to get the skates back quickly.

** we are at Alexandra Palace Ice rink, London N22 7AY most fridays and can collect and/or return your skates there to save on shipping charges - please contact us for this.


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