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Quick FIND Code : 7265

Combat Pure Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks

Combat Pure Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks
Quick FIND Code : 7265

Combat Pure Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks

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Product Description

Combat Pure Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks

Latest and top of the shop stick - improved performance over the phenominal 52cal but unlike all other manufacturers Combat has added durability to their Pure, extended true one piece and perimetre blade re-inforcement.

Why? Purest Carbon, Most consistant manufacture, Most advanced flex/kick point technology/Lighest materials in class/More durable than any other brand - This should be your "Weapon" of choice!

Equals and better all other top sticks from the main companies with improved durability, true 1 piece technology AND 20% cheaper - "It is a no brainer"

The Combat PURE is molded in one piece from the top of the shaft to the toe of the blade. No joint, no glue, no extra weight, no compromised stiffness profile, just pure flexural energy and optimal weight distribution.

It is hard to make a true one piece construction. It requires extremely consistent manufacturing and highly skilled labour and takes time to do it right. With the PURE technology, Combat has refused to compromise and this is what sets us apart. We make every PURE right here in Canada, using the same NanoComp molding technology that has made our baseball bats legendary. We use the best composite materials money can buy and the most skilled craftsman in the hockey business.


  • HELIX Technology, this is a new revolutionary true one piece stick technology. A spin off of Combat's industry leading bat technology, Helix is a process by wich one seamless strand of fiber runs from the top of the stick to the toe of the blade. This leads to creating a PURE or seamless stick by which the energy of the player is maximised on every shot, without interference.
  • PERIMITER REINFORCEMENT SYSTEM (PRS) Technology, The blade of a hockey stick hits the ice with an incredible force, it gets slammed into the boards, strikes a puck at 100 mph and generally takes a beating. It is a harsh environment that requires a tough construction to withstand the abuse. Most of this occurs near the edge of the blade. After two years of development, Combats solution was to develop the Perimeter Reinforcement System, the strongest blade ever produced. The development is intricate and engineered with great precision by running continuous fibers in a tubular helical path inside the blade, near the edges. This creates a kind of uber beam that reinforces the blade right where it is needed most, on the perimeter. This system is engineered to give the blade optimal torsional stiffness and superior flex at the same time. Combats Perimeter Reinforcement System sends the reinforcements to the front line.
  • AXENIC Technology, traditional joint and stress risers are eliminated from the slash zone, removing weight while increasing durability and feel, producing a more consistent and reliable product.SMARTPLY Technology preserves 100% of the carbon fiber properties by straegically placing each layer in a particular order and orientation.
  • SMARTFLEX Technology, the shaft becomes progressively stiffer towards the blade, which adds velocity to wrist shots and maintains stability for accurate slap shots and one timers.
  • ACTIVE BOND Technology. A carbon bridge has been strategically added at puck height to add consistency and stability to the blade.
  • 415grams - Lightest stick in its class (2011)
  • Flexes Snr 110 / 100 / 90 / 80 . Int 70 . Jnr 50
  • Finish - grip or regular
  • True one piece technology
  • 430 grams
  • length - 60"

Blade technology

  • Full carbon 3k weave
  • Optimized wall thickness
  • Carbon bridge at puck height to add consistance and stability

*Optional free Hockey stick bag available with purchase, warehouse staff will verify if your order qualifies* 

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Blade Pattern Chart

Combat Pure Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks Blade Pattern Chart
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