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Quick FIND Code : 7595

Frontier 9985 G Hockey Goalie stick

Frontier 9985 G Hockey Goalie stick
Quick FIND Code : 7595

Frontier 9985 G Hockey Goalie stick

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Product Description

Frontier 9985 G Hockey Goalie stick

Product specs:

  • Polyurethane Foam constructed PRO Goalie Stick
  • Unique TEXALIUM blade
  • 100% Carbon Fabric surfaced paddle
  • Carbon Fiberglass Laminate reinforced shaft
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Blade Pattern Chart

Frontier 9985 G Hockey Goalie stick Blade Pattern Chart
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Customer Reviews Review this product... Average Rating 5/5
Anonymous  -   Rated (Out of 5): 5/5

Iíve been buying inline and ice hockey stuff from DX for over 10 years. I can honestly say Iíve never had a problem ordering or receiving any item, big or small. The staff and owners are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, which is exactly what you want. Whatís not to like?

My latest purchase: two Frontier 9985 G, 27Ē, ďcurveĒ curve goalie sticks at a mere £91.99 each. Godís truth Ė superb value. I just canít praise it enough. Only used the one so far: roughly 60 hours of ice time playing senior competitive hockey, and rec hockey, too. In other words, itís had a massive hammering, but itís still in one piece. Just a few minor dents and scratches. Itís strong and durable, and it has a great traditional feel and balance. Just like a magic wand really! It weighs in at 910 grams, and thatís with a butt end, and tape and wax on the blade). Note Ė the ďcurveĒ is great for protecting the five-hole and for poke-checking: thatís because thereís more blade on the ice. (I just stick Ė pun intended Ė to the basics: play the percentages first, my basic stopping game.) However, if youíre looking to launch a puck into row Z down at the other end of the rink, then youíll need another curve type.

All-in-all, DX are great and the Frontier 9985 G is definitely a thing of beauty. As long as you get the right size and curve, Iíll eat my helmet if youíre disappointed! Honest. (March 21, 2015, the stick helped Lee Valley Lions beat Haringey Racers 10 Ė 0 at Ally Pally. Just thought Iíd mention it.)

Good luck.

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