Alkali RPD Shift Inline Hockey Skates

Alkali RPD Shift Inline Hockey Skates

Alkali RPD Shift Inline Hockey Skates

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The Alkali RPD Shift Roller Hockey Skates feature the same boot seen onthe flagship RPD Max skate but with different lowers. The RPD Shift skatesutilize a full composite outsole, the CNC Extruded Labeda Movement frame and(4) Labeda Dynasty III 74A wheels.

This Alkali RPD Shift features a pro-level boot with topnotch stiffness and comfort. The Super Light AEPE quarter package features thenew Pro Roller Last that widens the forefoot by 2 mm, providing even morecomfort than before. The outsole is made of a carbon composite for excellentresponsiveness and has a low-profile cutout that allows the second wheel fromthe toe to be recessed into the boot. This gives the player a lower center ofgravity, a more aggressive turning radius, a better balanced feel and a moreefficient power transfer during the skating stride.

The Labeda Movement Frame holds (4) Labeda Dynasty IIIwheels that are rolling on Swiss Lite 608 bearings for superior roll and grip.The 9mm Pro White Felt tongue features thorough perforation for airflow whilethe high density foam lace bite guard insures solid protection for the top ofthe foot. The pro-style hydrophobic liner helps to wick away moisture but alsohas anti-slip properties to make sure no power is lost in the heat of a biggame.

Product Specs:

  • Super Light Quarter Panel Construction with increased stiffness and heatmoldability
  • New Alkali Pro Roller Last provides improved comfort with more room inthe forefoot
  • Flexible Tendon Guard allows for maximum range of motion and properstride extension
  • Maximum Power Transfer Carbon Fiber Outsole with low profile wheelchannels
  • 3K Carbon Reinforced Heel cup and tendon strap
  • Hydrophobic anti slip internal liner
  • Three Piece Fully Ventilated 9MM Pro Felt Tongue
  • HD Thermoformable lace bite tongue insert
  • Movement CNC Extruded Chassis provides quicker turning radius, betterbalance and increased power transfer Labeda Dynasty wheels
  • Swiss Lite 608 bearings

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