A&R 16oz Hockey Stick Weight

A&R 16oz Hockey Stick Weight

A&R 16oz Hockey Stick Weight

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The A&R 16oz hockey stick weight is the ideal tool for your strength training, this will allow you to increase your shot velocity and develop stronger and faster hands.  This 16oz attachment simply wraps around the hosel of your stick with Velcro and includes two foam pads to protect your stick from vibrations when shooting or practicing your stick handling skills.  The extra weight provided by this is sufficient enough to help you develop extra strength so when it comes round to game time you will be able to fire harder shots and be stronger on the puck.

Product Specifications:

  • 16oz Weight
  • Wraps around the hosel of your stick and is secured with Velcro attachments
  • Foam padding to dampen vibrations protecting the shaft when shooting or stick handling
  • Helps you develop harder shots and quicker, stronger hands
  • Designed to fit junior, intermediate and senior size sticks


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