BlackEdge Carbon Coated Blades (Bauer)

BlackEdge Carbon Coated Blades (Bauer)

BlackEdge Carbon Coated Blades (Bauer)

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The BlackEdge™ team, in collaboration with TSLab™, has developed a real revolution in the hockey world: a skate runner coated in carbon that offers more bite and more glide. The BlackEdge™ runner provides the skater with more power to achieve the desired performance.

BlackEdge™ runners are designed with unique high-tech process that combines carbon with top quality stainless steel runners. It is this complex secret amalgam that not only gives Blackedge™ runners their distinctive black finish, but above all, their unmatched hardness and physical characteristics that boost skating power.

Today, thanks to high performance carbon technology, BlackEdge™ runners are making an impressive entry on the ice. They are setting new standards in hockey performance.

Replacement runners for Bauer Skates.
Sold in pairs.

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