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CCM Ribcore 48K Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Ribcore 48K Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Ribcore 48K Ice Hockey Skates


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The CCM Ribcor 48K Pump Skates are just one small step down from the premier skate from CCM this year, the CCM Ribcor 50K. The Ribcor 48K Skates will feature many of the same technologies as the Ribcor 50K, but will be a little more forgiving on the price tag. CCM has taken the previous Ribcor boot and had its researchers beef the skate up to include some of its newest technology. The classic pump has been upgraded to the CCM Advanced Pump, which is the most efficient pump to date. If you are ever feeling looseness in the ankle of your skate, just a few pumps will leave you locked in for hours! The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder that CCM features on the Ribcor 48K puts you 4mm higher than previous holders, providing more power and explosion out of every turn! When it comes to comfort, CCM features the classic Skate Lock to ensure that you aren’t bending down to tighten your skates on the bench. To top the Ribcor 48Ks off, CCM adds the SpeedBlade Black runner is a sleek, flat black colour, that offers longer edge life than traditional steel. Don’t miss your chance to get into what may be the most comfortable line of skates in 2015!

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