Custom Skate Conversion

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Do you see a skate but wish it was an inline or quad skate? Do you have a pair of skates that fit you perfectly and would love to convert them to inlines or quads? here at DemonXtreme, we can convert your skates for you!

What skates can be converted?

  1. Ice Hockey Skates into Quads
  2. Ice Hockey Skates into Inlines
  3. Inline Hockey Skates into Quads
  4. Figure skates into Quads
  5. Figure skates into Linea Inlines (Inline plates with a flat base)

Please note: Not all boots can be converted, some brands of boots use rivets that cant be removed without breaking the boot and some old boots are too rusty to work on as well. For these, we may refuse to work on them or charge extra for the amount of work needed.

Known boots that can't be converted:

  • Tour Inline Skates
  • Any Riveted Figure Skate

Why is it more expensive for X?

We charge for the amount of work that needs to be done, for instance:

Hockey boots are more complicated and longer to convert so they are £10 extra

Riveted hockey holders are £10 to remove (per pair)

Screwed figure blades are £5 to remove (per pair)

Rusty rivets or plates are a minimum of £20 extra (Please send an image of the boots before sending them in to be converted)

The conversion is cheaper if the parts are bought from DemonXtreme

What if we buy the Pats From Demon Xtreme?

if you buy the plates or boots from us we'll give you a discount on the price of the conversion (£5 each for the plate or boot)

If you buy a complete setup coming to £120 or more the conversion is free!

This includes:

  • Skates
  • Plates
  • Wheels
  • And Bearings