Edea Classica Junior Roller Skate Boot Only

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The Classica boot has been designed for high end performance dance and solo dance roller skating. Edea have used all their experience and know-how to produce a boot that combines modern technology with the traditional look. The soft support construction means it is often the choice for dancers require the extra flexibility and maneuverability.


Our boots are designed with lightness in mind making them more responsive. The lightness helps skaters with their touch and feel on the floor giving them the confidence to perform.

Our designers have used traditional leather but with innovative thinking to give skaters extra support and strength in their boot. We have added an extra low-cut dance profile to allow greater movement along with extra padding on the back cuff for more protection and comfort.


Hi-tech soles are fully ventilated allowing the foot to cool and helping the lining to dry more quickly so discouraging bacteria, preventing allergies and reducing odor.

Classica has an extra ventilation at the front of the shoe allowing even greater air-flow and added comfort.


The Classica is padded with our soft microfiber fabric offering comfort and support. There is additional padding at the ankle for comfort and to hold the heel in place more firmly giving a better foot position.

Extra padding on the back cuff helps protect the Achilles tendon while increasing the range of movement. This allows the skater to point the their toes adding elegance to the performance.


We strongly recommend sizing your skates your skates with a trained coach or a reputable store as too large or too small could drastically effect your skating ability. We have trained staff that can measure your feet to ensure you skate away with the correct size skates.

if you can not do this, Edea sizing is a measure of your foot from heel to toe in mm + 5mm. This is a rough estimate and we are not responsible for incorrectly sized boots ordered in this way.