Ground Control BIG Powerblading Frames

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TheGround Control Big frames have arrived, The BIG s are a collaborative effort between the team riders and the GC design team, they have been designed to offer GC s trusted street attributes combined with the smooth roll of a recreational frame setup.

Product Specs:

  • 260mmspacing between 1st & 4th axle
  • 114mmspacing between 2nd & 3rd axle
  • 54mmsidewall height / 63mm tall at the lowest point of the H-block
  • Lower sidewalls and H-block provide protection from excessive wheel bite on grinds
  • Bare frame weighs 9.4oz
  • GCSickle axles, Aluminium frame spacers, UFS mounting bolts
  • FLT-3composite
  • Fits a maximum wheel size of 72mm
  • 1size fits all