John Wilson Coronation Ace Figure Skate Blades

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The John Wilson Coronation Ace ice skate blades are quite simply the most popular freestyle blade in the world today. Being the number 1 choice of coaches here and worldwide the Coronation Ace is a freestyle/all-purpose blade that features a precision cross and milled toe rake. Blade Types: Parallel / Standard:

  • Narrowed at the tail end of the blade to reduce friction on the ice.


  • Unique curvature & mid-section tapering of the blade has been designed to create less drag as you move across the ice.
  • Weight is centred thanks to the precision geometry used which allows for increased levels of control and confidence when skating.
  • Can be sharpened in fewer passes so they can outlast more conventional blades on the market.
  • Rocker: 7FT
  • Radius of Hollow: 7/16"
  • Sizes: 7"-12"
  • Toe Rake: Cross Cut (More points equals more grip)