John Wilson Gold Seal Revolution Ice Skate Blades

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The John Wilson Gold Seal Revolution blades maintain the high-quality properties of the more traditional Gold Seal and combine them with revolutionary lightweight and flexible carbon fibre technology improving on precision, control, height and a more cushioned landing. The Gold Seal Revolution is a blade designed for Freestyle with a crosscut pick for a superior grip on the ice.


  • Carbon composite technology combined with traditional blades
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Integrated shock-absorbing design provides cushioning for big landings
  • Greater precision, control, speed, takeoffs and jump height
  • Rocker: 8FT
  • Radius of Hollow: 7/16"
  • Toe Pick: Crosscut toe pick for a superior grip on the ice

Blade Types

  • Taper (Side Honed): Blade is narrowed at the tail end to reduce friction on the ice.
  • Parabolic: Centres your weight for increased stability and precision.
Sizes: 8"-11" (Increments of 1/4")