Linky Folding Electric Longboard – Bamboo Deck with Red Wheels

Linky Folding Electric Longboard – Bamboo Deck with Red Wheels

Linky Folding Electric Longboard – Bamboo Deck with Red Wheels


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Designed in Italy for a truly unique dynamic experience, the Linky Foldable Electric Long Board is freedom in your bag!

Constructed with Carbon fibre and 100% bamboo for a sleek, responsive ride.

Advanced polymers, carefully shaped by their engineers, allow lightness and flexibility while cruising over bumpy roads.

Linky isn’t just about power; it’s about choice, giving riders a fuller experience. Ready for an adrenaline rush? just hit the sport mode and have fun. Want to relax? Cruise mode is perfect for enjoying yourself while surfing on the road. For the tireless city explorers, hit the eco mode to save on battery life, so you will soon forget the last time you charged your linky.

Please note: This is an online only product and is not kept in stock in store.

Quick Overview

In the box you will find:

  • 1x of Linky Bamboo deck with red wheels
  • 2x of red wheels [replacement parts]
  • 1x of belt [replacement part]
  • 1x standard charger
  • 1x remote controller
  • 1x tooling for maintenance (screwdriver etc)
  • 1x daily traveller backpack

*Please Note – Firmware should be updated before use, instructions for this is included with the product*


Range – 15 Km under urban riding conditionsWheels – 83 mmTotal Length: 800 mm
Uphill Climbing – 10% Gradient with 100 Kg loadDeck – 6 mm Double Layer Bamboo and Cardon Fiber with soft-touch rubber on the edgeTotal Width: 280 mm
Top speed – 30 Km/hFrame – Fully designed by our team with high strength techno-polymerTotal Height: 120 mm
Riding mode – Eco, Cruise, SportTrucks – 180 mm. Fully designed by our team with high strength techno-polymer to minimize weight and increase the pleasure of riding.Folded Length: 400 mm
Power trainErgonomics – Soft touch rubber handle on back deckFolded Width: 280 mm
Battery – Li-Ion NMC 18650 cells, 100 Wh storable energyFoldable System – Patent PendingFolded Height: 120 mm
Motor – Brushless DCUSB Connection – changes remote, mobile phone or any USB deviceWeight: 4.9 Kg
BMS – Fully designed in house and integrated into the frame. Redundant control of cell voltages, current and temperature to give an extremely safe operationControls
SafetyRemote controller – Fully designed by our team.
Battery – integrated power management to keep the battery and motor in their SOA (safety operating area)APP – riding modes selection, trip information. ISO and Andriod.


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