Loaded Dervish Longboard Deck

Loaded Dervish Longboard Deck

Loaded Dervish Longboard Deck


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Loaded’s Dervish board – “The evil cousin to the Vanguard”

With a lower centre of gravity and a torsionally stiff design, the Dervishes are built to hold an edge and maximize energy return. A drop-thru carver designed to work with 70mm+ wheels and the most reverse kingpin geometry trucks which includes R-IIs, Holey’s, Paris, Bear, and a couple more that are still in development. Inspired by ancient Persian Islamic art, we’ve named this board the “Dervish” as a reference to the Whirling Dervishes. A sub-sect of Sufism (Mystical Islam), the Dervishes are famous for their ritual whirling dances, an aerobic fl owing movement designed to produce spiritual ecstasy (and deep carves). The Dervish also has a small nose and tail that allows you to bust out manuals, nose manuals, shovits and do all sorts of madness. Plenty of room to cross-step and dance to make the ladies or men swoon. This board is super easy to slide out because it is low to the ground and is very comfortable under your feet when going fast. Get overly excited.


  • Length: 41.5″

  • Width: 8.5″

  • Wheelbase: 33″

  • Profile: Drop Through

  • Deck Weight: 1.2 Kg’s Weight

Flex Options

  • Flex 2: Wide Stance: 100 – 180+ lbs 45 to 82 Kg’s

  • Flex 1: Wide Stance: 170 – 230+ lbs 77 to 105 Kg’s

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Flex 1, Flex 2


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