Luigino Vertigo Q-4 Roller Derby Boots

Luigino Vertigo Q-4 Roller Derby Boots

Luigino Vertigo Q-4 Roller Derby Boots

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The Luigino Vertigo Q4 Boot offers an entirely different concept that traditional quad skate boots. The uppers are made of microfiber and the boot has leather board counters that allow you to utilize the AquaTech molding to get an amazing, customized fit. With AquaTech molding, you boil the skate boot in a bag which heats and loosens up the counters – once laced they will form to your foot just like traditional molding, only there is no risk of overheating or damaging the boot even from repeated moldings!

The interior liner of the Q4 Boot is also microfiber, and both the liner and the Pro Evolution Footbed are anatomically molding to the shape of your foot, not flat like traditional boots. This Barefoot Technology allows a supremely snug, yet comfortable fit that maximizes power transfer and overall performance. Poron padding throughout the boot provides a level of security, protection, and durability that is otherwise uncommon in quad boots.

Product Specs:

  • AquaTech and Leather board counters
  • Pro Evolution Foot Bed (e-Soles)
  • BFT (Barefoot Technology)
  • Poron Padding
  • Top-Grain Leather Soles (Stitched)
  • ProBack
  • Microfiber uppers & lining
  • Ankle Powerstrap

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