Roll-Line 7mm Bearings – 16 Pack

Roll-Line 7mm Bearings – 16 Pack

Roll-Line 7mm Bearings – 16 Pack


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bearings intended for use with 7mm quad skate axles:

Abec 5 7mm Bearings

The carbon J ABEC 5 bearings are the perfect balance between quality and price.
Designed for pre-agonism, is open on both sides.

Abec 9 Speed Race 7mm Bearings

The semi-shielded bearings 627 ABEC 9 are in treated steel, offering a very good smoothness.
Designed for agonism, on the open side have a rubber ring that protects the spheres from dust and dirt.

Abec 9 Speed Max 7mm Bearings

Speed Max is a bearing made of a specially treated steel of the latest generation patented by Roll-Line.
It offers the maximum smoothness, excellent and constant speed and high-level performances.

  • Open on one side to allow an optimum cleaning
  • 8 internal spheres (the “normal” bearings have generally 7 spheres)

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ABEC 9 Speed Max, ABEC 9 Speed Race, ABEC 5


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