Brites Sevenz Ceramic Skate Bearings - 8 Pack

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These Brites Bearings have been produced to our own specification, super strong, amazing smoothness and easy to look after - these bearings are very similar specification to top brands, costing twice as much.

These are deep groove bearings and designed with a reinforced, reinforced nylon ball cage and non-friction removable printed shield making them easy to maintain and keep spinning for many thousands of miles for all styles of skating. 

The ceramic ball bearings are made from Silicon Nitride, offering stronger than steel performance with amazing thermal properties. These bearings are for performance use, meaning your bearings will roll smoothly, fast and last longer than standard steel ball races. NASA use ceramic bearings in their space shuttles - So it should be good enough for your skates!

This is a 7mm bearing suitable for a range of chassis/axles with a smaller diameter.