CCM FL60 Combo Hockey Helmet

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The CCM FL60 helmet combo is the second of the entry level helmet and cage combo models in the FitLite family for the 2015/2016 season. The FL60 combo features new R.E.D technology that helps better protect the player from rotational impacts. The liner of the helmet features an EPP foam base that will help with managing linear impact energy so overall this is a fairly solid helmet with a great deal of protection. CCM has also added comfort padding on top of the EPP foam with the R.E.D bladders to provide a great level of comfort. The FL60 is an ideal choice for the recreational league player or the occasional player who is on the ice once or twice a week. As standard, the FL60 combo is fitted with the CCM FL80 facemask which features flat wires and a multi-density chin cup for optimal vision and comfort.

Product Specs:

  • R.E.D SYSTEM: Liquid filler bladders positioned between the liner and the player's head, Revolutionary technology developed with ObliqueTechnology and the University of Ottawa to reduce rotational acceleration of the head during an impact.
  • LINER: EPP Liner with comfort cushions, Offers a high-level protection and comfort.
  • SHELL: High-density PE shell, Lightweight high level of protection.
  • FACEMASK: CCM FL80 flat wire cage and multi-density chin cup, for optimal vision and comfort when on the ice.


  • Small (20"-22" / 51cm-56cm)
  • Medium (21.5"-23.25" / 55cm-58cm)
  • Large (22.75"-24.75" / 58cm-63cm)

Colours: Black, White