CCM Quicklite QLT 230 Hockey Elbow Pads

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The CCM Quicklite 230 elbow pads are the entry-level model for the new QLT range of elbow pads for the 2016/2017 season. The Quicklite 230 in the junior and senior sizes feature a hard moulded elbow cap inspired by JDP construction providing a solid recreational level of protection, the youth size in this model features a soft elbow cap with a PE insert which is ideal for the young beginner hockey player.

  • CONSTRUCTION: 1 Piece design offers mobility and comfort.
  • ELBOW CAP: New PE cap with an improved dome shape, inspired by JDP construction for maximum protection.
  • BICEP: Lightweight foam protection provides the maximum level of protection.
  • FOREARM: PE inserts providing a good level of protection.
  • ATTACHMENT: 2 Strap system attachment for comfort and customizable fit.

Youth Features & Specifications:

  • CONSTRUCTION: 1 Piece design for mobility and comfort.
  • CAPS: Soft cap with PE insert for maximum protection.
  • ATTACHMENT: 2 Strap system attachment provides a comfortable and fully customizable fit.


  • Youth S, M, L
  • Junior M, L
  • Senior S, M, L