CCM Tacks 9040 shoulder pads

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The CCM Tacks 9040 Senior shoulder pads offer great level of protection in a lightweight pad.

JDP shoulder caps reinforced with PE foams disperse the force of impact away from the shoulder joints, along with moulded foams for added comfort.

A customisable bicep adjustment offers elite protection and a custom comfort fit, allowing you to extend down or raise up to dial in the perfect fit for you.

The 9040 Shoulder Pads provides additional protection around the kidney area to help protect from cross checks from behind. CCM have ensured the pads give great upper body protection by adding moulded PE foam in the sternum and spine.

The anatomical 3D design of the 9040 shoulder pads are designed to keep protection close to the body, and exactly where you need it by preventing it from lifting. The pads provide a snug, comfortable fit around the torso.