Combat 22Cal Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks

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Combat 22Cal Roller / Ice Hockey Stick Used by many NHL players as a stick of choice (not sponsorship!) The 22 Cal is the most durable and highest performing entry level stick on the market today. This price point stick is second to none, with all the performance advantages of our top of the line Axenic Technology (premium technology not typically offered by the competition in price point sticks). The 22 Cal has a unique rounded profile shaft with a submarine-grade foam core composite blade with Active Bond Technology, giving this stick mid to high end performance at an entry level price point. Features:

  • AXENIC Technology, traditional joint and stress risers are eliminated from the slash zone, removing weight while increasing durability and feel, producing a more consistent and reliable product.
  • SMARTPLY Technology preserves 100% of the carbon fiber properties by straegically placing each layer in a particular order and orientation.
  • ACTIVE BOND Technology. A carbon bridge has been strategically added at puck height to add consistency and stability to the blade.
  • Flexes Snr 100 / 85
  • Finish - grip only
  • True one piece technology
  • 515 grams.
  • length - 60"