Combat 45Cal reloaded Roller / Ice Hockey Stick

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Combat 45Cal reloaded Roller / Ice Hockey Sticks Used by many NHL players as a stick of choice (not sponsorship!) Features:
  • AXENIC Technology, traditional joint and stress risers are eliminated from the slash zone, removing weight while increasing durability and feel, producing a more consistent and reliable product.
  • SMARTPLY Technology preserves 100% of the carbon fiber properties by straegically placing each layer in a particular order and orientation.
  • SMARTFLEX Technology, the shaft becomes progressively stiffer towards the blade, which adds velocity to wrist shots and maintains stability for accurate slap shots and one timers.
  • ACTIVE BOND Technology. A carbon bridge has been strategically added at puck height to add consistency and stability to the blade.
  • Improved durability
  • Greater impact strength
  • Higher blade strength
  • Improved balance point
  • 460grams balanced
  • Flexes Snr 100 / 90 / 80 / 70
  • Finish - Soft feel
  • True one piece technology
  • length - 60"
Blade technology
  • Full carbon 3k weave
  • Optimized wall thickness