HockeyWing Hockey Stick Blade Protector

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Do you hate taping, removing and retaping your stick blade? Do you want something with the same feel but ACTUALLY strengthens AND protects the blade effectively all over. Based on the innovative shrink-wrap technology, HOCKEYWING has designed the most advanced hockey stick blade protector for both professional and hobby players. A game performance improvement research has shown that HockeyWing protectors: PROVIDE MAXIMUM BLADE PROTECTION The high-tech material ensures durable protection. PREPARE YOUR STICK FOR THE GAME WITH EASE IN SECONDS Unlike many outdated technologies, this one reduces preparation time and speeds up the process. Come in white or black in a pack of 3
  • Boost game performance levels significantly;
  • Easy to apply in seconds with boiling water method or under 30 seconds with heat gun - Anyone can do it
  • Tightly and Securely wrap around the entire surface of the blade;
  • Guarantee maximum puck control;
  • Ensure a better catch and a quick, precise and powerful shot as the blade has increased torsion;
  • The surface's integrity prevents adhesion of snow
  • Very low ice friction so small increase in shot/passing speed over tape
  • The protector's adhesive layer STRENGTHENS the blade;
  • Lasts up to 8x longer than regular stick tape - less time wasted taping/removing/retaping.....
  • HockeyWing is a new patented technology, which greatly extends the lifespan of your blade on your stick.