Matter One20Five 125mm Speed Skate Wheel - Single

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The Matter one20five wheel is made for 3 x 125mm setups. It is fast, very fast, but also gives you more footprint to the asphalt for better push and grip. This setup is lighter and requires fewer bearings which again results in less friction and weight. Add to that the well known and technically superior Matter Urethane for maximum rebound and speed. A 3 wheel setup also enhances control due to the centre of gravity being put on the middle wheel, making it easy to apply your favourite push technique.

This version comes with an updated core that utilises a redesigned core-shape - the CHR. Engineered to provide skaters with the best possible wheel for technical marathon events where you find lots of corners and varied road surfaces.

All this combined makes these wheels ideal for highspeed and endurance skating with thousands of strokes.

Matter wheels from the USA use the Footprint scale, the F1 stands for footprint 1.

  • F0 - equals approx. 88A
  • F1 - equals approx. 86A
  • F2 - equals approx. 84A