Reckless Morph Roller Derby Quad Skate Wheels - 4 Pack

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TheReckless Morph wheels have been years in the making but now finally after yearsof testing and production these much anticipated roller derby wheels havearrived. The Morph wheels use a newground breaking "stacked" technology which has been proven to deliver when itcomes to maximum speed, precise grip and reliable stability. Two compounds are fused together which givethe skater the best of both worlds, a softer compound along the edge of thewheel allows for better control while the harder compound helps with speed andperformance.

Product Specs:


  • Fusedcompounds for best speed, grip and stability
  • Linkcore hub with the structural integrity to improve speed and response
  • Size:59mm
  • Packof 4 wheels

Colours / Compounds:


  • Pink/Orange(84a/88a)
  • Orange/NeonYellow (88a/91a)
  • Orange/Blue(88a/93a)
  • NeonYellow/Yellow (91a/95a)
  • Blue/Green(93a/97a)

Pack Size: 4