REKD Heavy Duty Blue Pink Triple Pad Set

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REKD Protection’s Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set provides complete protection for knees, elbows and wrists. Offering an affordable pat set that features hard-wearing ramp style impact caps to protect against rough surfaces. The dual splint wrist guards feature two separate splints to help support both the top and bottom of the wrist, as well as 360° wrap protection and triple Velcro straps for a snug, secure fit.

Available in a range of stylish, modern colours, the REKD Protection Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set is a fundamental part of extreme sport protection.


B: Measured 2-3cm above the elbow
D: Measured 3-5cm above the knee
E: Measured around the wrist

XS - To fit users D: 21-28cm, B: 18-22cm, E: 14-16cm
S - To fit users D: 22-30cm, B: 19-23cm, E: 15-18cm
M - To fit users D: 23-32cm, B: 20-28cm, E: 16-20cm
L - To fit users D: 25-35cm, B: 23-30cm, E: 19-23cm