Roll-Line Linea 2021 Artistic Inline Plate Kit

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From decades of tailored experience, Roll-Line® is proud to introduce a brand-new innovative plate

Forged by the great skill of our engineers, the new plate “LINEA” is designed to offer the best performance to all the in-line figure skating practitioners

Machined from a solid block of Avional Aluminum in order to ensure great resistance to shocks and an elevate tensile and torsion strength

Featuring a new revolutionary rocking system able to simulate the same performances of the ice skating

The central rockering system maintains the same functions as the previous version.

The newly designed central pin makes the system more practical and faster!

This kit includes:

  • Roll-Line Linea 2020 Plates
  • Pair of Ambra Toe Stops
  • 6 Roll-line 86A Zero wheels (Wheel size varies) 
  • Abec 7 8mm bearings with spacers
  • Wrench Kit
  • Pair of power wedges (for fitting to ice boots)
  • (NEW) Powerwedge now included

Axel Protective guards sold separately (white bumper washers on image)

Linea Rockering System

By rotating the medial mechanism, it’s possible to obtain a different setting of the central wheel with the goal of replicating the same rockering used on the ice blades:

  • Possibility to position the central wheel in a more rearward or frontward position.
  • The wheel may be also moved up or down.
  • Up to 6 different setting options.
  • See the product image for the rockering diagram.

Linea Sizing

To offer better compatibility with the ice-skating world and for more immediate comparison with the ice blades, the “LINEA” plates are sized in INCHES. See the image in the products image gallery to see the sizing diagram and mounting reference chart.

Linea Toe Stops

The unique inclination of the toe-stop offers the best angle for performing jumps and spins.

The super professional AMBRA toe-stops are provided with the “LINEA” plates.

A double screw fastening system ensures an optimal locking of the toe-stop.

Linea Wheels

According to the needed size, a specific or recommended diameter of wheels exists. Compared to similar products of other brands, the “LINEA” plates can wear bigger wheels.

A bigger wheel is faster, a faster wheel means more speed, more speed means better performances and higher jumps!

  • Size 8" - 64mm Wheels
  • Size 8 1/2" to 9" - 68mm wheels
  • Size 9 1/4" - 72mm Wheels
  • Size 9 3/4" and up - 76mm wheels

Power Wedges

Power-Wedges do come with the Linea. They can OPTIONALLY be installed between the Curved/Ice boots and the plates to ensure perfect contact and not deform the boots. Not necessary with planar roller boots.