Skate Lace Bite Protection Pads

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Our Lace Bite Pads work to reduce the pressure on the tendon running down your lower leg to your big toe which can become inflamed due to lace bite and stiff boots. This works to relieve and prevent pain in the tendon and keep you skating for longer. These Lace Bite Pads are made for skaters and attach to the laces to fit in between them and the tongue of your boot to provide an extra layer of cushioning.

  • Helps Relieve And Prevent Lace Bite
  • Gives Extra Cushioning Between The Skates Tounge And Laces
  • Secured With Eyelets To The Skates Laces
  • Fits Most Skate Sizes
  • Comes In A Pack Of 2 Pads (One For Each Skate)