Skate Maintenance - Figure Skate Hole Filling

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If you have removed a pair of blades from figure skates you may need to fill the existing holes in order to fit new blades.

We fill figure boot holes using a carbon rod and resin to ensure the base keeps its strength and so that new holes can be drilled without issues.

For ALL boots, we require the boots to be inspected before any work will be done.

The price is £3 per hole filled.

How to order

  1. Please first email us at with images of the boots any parts for inspection if you are sending them to us.
  2. Once the skates are confirmed to be suitable, place the order here.
  3. Pickup or delivery can be chosen at checkout for your conversion once they are ready.
  4. Send or drop off your skates and/or parts if needed to the address listed below.
  5. Once we receive the service can take 2 - 7 days.
  6. If there are any issues or extra charges needed we will contact you.
  7. We will then dispatch your skates or contact you for collection depending on the delivery service chosen.
Delivery Address:

Please ensure you include your order number on the delivery.

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