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Hockey Helmets & Hockey Face Guards

Hockey Helmets & Hockey Face Guards

Ice Hockey Helmets, Hockey Cages, Hockey Visors from Itech, frontier visors, hedjuk visors,CCM helmets, Bauer hockey helmets, Reebok hockey helmets, Warrior Hockey helmets.

The most important part of you is your head and face. All our Hockey helmets are HECC approved. The best ice hockey helmets have toolless adjustment, multi density liners, concussion protection, solid ear removable ear protection. ALL THE HELMETS we sell fit with all the visor we have. Choose a hockey helmet cage combo to save money on the cage. Players born after 1971 must wear full face protection in official EIHA matches (at time of writing 2015).

The best hockey helmets have all of the above features plus offer lightweight protection and are generally considerably more comfortable.

The Best Hockey Visors have lttle or no degradation in visibility and optically correct and have various shapes to ensure venting is good. Most of our visors include antifog spray. Cheaper visors generally have some optical errors.

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