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Scooter Wheels

Scooter Wheels

There are two main types of scooter wheel on the market today, plastic core or metal core.  Both types are generally available in a range of colour combinations and sizes and most will use either an 85a or 88a PU compound.

Plastic Core Sizes: 100mm, 110mm

The plastic core scooter wheels are more often than not found on the entry level or recreational scooters.  Though they are fairly cheap in comparison to their metal core counterparts they are still fairly hard wearing, however if you are looking in to doing stunts then we would recommend taking a look at the metal core wheels as they are able to withstand the greater pressure that stunts will put on them.

Metal Core Sizes: 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mm

The metal core scooter wheels are generally found on the intermediate level scooters and above but sometimes can be found on the entry level models as well.  There are many styles of metal core wheels on the market today from full core to spoked core and in a range of colours for both the core and the PU of the wheel.  A lot of scooters these days are using 100mm or 110mm as standard however more and more companies are putting larger wheels on like 120mm as standard.  While a lot of forks and decks are compatible with 110mm wheels it is advisable that you check to confirm compatibility.  Anything larger than 110mm will need different forks and a break unless of course your scooter came with them as standard.

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Blunt Hollow Core 120mm Scooter Wheel (pair)

Blunt Hollow Core 120mm Scooter Wheel (pair)
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