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Scooter Forks

Scooter Forks

There are a wide range of scooter forks on the market today; these are generally broken down in to two main sub categories which are threaded and threadless.

Threaded Forks

The threaded forks are generally the cheapest available and will generally be found on the majority of the beginner and recreational scooters on the market.  Typically these are most commonly found in stock colours which are black or silver.

Threadless Forks

The threadless forks range in price, style and are generally available in a choice of colours.  When running threadless forks on your setup it is important to use a threadless headset and some kind of compression system, some forks come with a compression kit included such as the IHC forks.

  • SCS/HIC Compatible Forks A lot of these style forks come with a internal thread on the fork or a removable / integrated star nut already in them, these are suitable for use with SCS or HIC compression.
  • ICS Compatible Forks An ICS compatible fork will either have a removable star nut in the top of the fork or just an opening at the top of the fork.  The bottom of the fork tube will only have a small hole so that the ICS bolt can catch on to it.
  • IHC Compatible Forks This is essentially an undersized fork with the compression already attached to the fork, this type of compression cannot be purchased separately and is only found on a handful of threadless forks on the market.