Please Note!

We currently are unable to do some while you wait services at all times.

Please call ahead to check how long it would take to so any services listed below if they are urgent.

Skate Conversion – (Ice, Roller or Quad)

Conversion with your own supplied parts£40.00*
Conversion with DemonXtreme supplied parts£35.00*
On The Web£40.00*
First 3 copper rivets with skate conversion£6.00*
Copper rivet (each)£3.00*
Steel rivet (each)£2.00*
Eyelets (each)£2.00*


*we can also de-rivet old boots to use (holder/chassis) on conversion. Extra charges apply based on condition and time.

“May take up to 3-5 working days”


Heat moulding/Thermal Fitting

Skate bought from DemonXtreme£10.00
First skate bought from elsewhere£25.00*
additional moulding of the same skate£10.00*


“Available on certain boots, reduces the breaking in period on new boots, helps remould boots – 30-45 minutes”


Boot Stretching

Skate bought from DemonXtreme (Single Skate)£5.00
Skate bought from elsewhere (Single Skate)£10.00*


“Stretches the boot to make it wider – takes 24 hours, leave skates with us”


Boot Punching

Skate bought from DemonXtreme (Per Punch)£3.00
Skate bought from elsewhere (Per Punch)£5.00


“punch small areas of a boot to accommodate foot problems and increase comfort- takes 30 mins”


Stick Blade Removal/Fitting

Blade bought from DemonXtreme£2.00
Blade bought from elsewhere£4.00


“takes around 10-15 minutes”


Graphite Stick Repair

In store£30.00
On the web£35.00 + P&P


“Currently only available at DX in the UK and 1 of 5 in Europe – fix expensive graphite sticks stronger than before!
Leave with us – 10 days to complete and stick is game ready”

Skate Sharpening

Standard grind (1/2 Inch)£7.00*
Specific depth hollow£10.00*
Flat Bottom ‘V’ (Increased speed grind)£12.00*
First grind on new skates bought elsewhere£10.00*
Blade tidy (minor damage repairs)£7.00*


*Skate blades that are in poor condition maybe more expensive as we will need to do extra work to bring to DX standard,
customers will be advised before work is done.

“May be done whilst you wait – usually less than 15 minutes, depending on condition”
At busy times there may be a waiting period, if in doubt please call.


Scooter Repair / Fitting

Basic Maintenance
Replacing Wheels£5.00
Replacing Bearings£5.00
Replacing Bars£5.00
Replacing Grips (pair)£5.00
Replacing Standard Clamp£5.00
Griptape (Pre-cut Sheet)£5.00
Complex Maintenance
Griptape + Cutting to deck shape£15.00
Break (Integrated bolts)£10.00
Break (Loose bolts / Spring)£20.00
Cutting Bars (Height/Width)£15.00
Cutting Bars (Slit)£20.00
Fitting DemonXtreme Starnut£10.00
Scooter Servicing
Bronze Service£15.00
Silver Service£25.00
Gold Service£50.00


“Time varies between Service and may be longer during busy periods
Basic Maintenance – 5 – 10 minutes
Complex Maintenance – Up to 24 hours
Other Maintenance – Varies between basic and complex depending on the parts”

Services not listed will be covered by our Silver or Gold Service

Skateboard Repair / Fitting

Deck Gripping (Not including old grip removal)£5.00
Deck grip removal£15.00
Truck Fitting£3.00
Wheel Fitting£3.00
Completes bought from DemonXtremeFree


“May take up to 30 minutes – May have to leave parts with us at busy times”

Due to the shop being busy at weekends we will be unable to fit or fix any parts. We will endeavour to fix within 48 hours but sometimes it may take longer depending on the repair or fitting.